Teenage Girls Bedrooms: Makeovers!

It's easy to get stuck in the same old routine every day. School, homework, activities—Blah. If you feel like you need a power boost in your life, you can magically transform your everyday mood with a makeover for your teenage girl bedroom! When you're a kid, your parents get to decide what your room looks like and what goes into it, but now that you're getting older and have lots of your own interests, you can express your interests in your own personal space. Your same-old routine may not seem so blah if you're surrounded by things that get you going.

Pick a theme
Perhaps you have a passion for a color, like turquoise, or a sport, like gymnastics. Maybe you like to be motivated by your favorite sports hero, band, or actor. Sometimes it's a no-brainer and you know exactly what you want to do with your teenagegirls bedroom. Other times, you'll find it hard to nail down just one thing. After all, when you redo your room, you'll have to stare at those walls every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up.

If you don't have a theme idea in mind, create a list of what gets you going—things you would like to surround yourself with in your own space every day. Here are some ideas: World Travel, The 70s, Tie Dye, Country Living, Nature, Flowers, Polka Dots, The Beach, Hawaii, Surfing, American Idol, Guitar Hero,Ballet.... Some of the ideas you can cross out immediately, like themes that would be hard to do, or ones that could be too much of a good thing. Then try to picture each one what the space would look like, and how easy it would be to do.

After a few days (or weeks) of thinking about it, looking through catalogs and talking with friends, one or two themes will stand out clearly in your mind for your new teenage girls bedroom.

For a 70s theme, for example, it's easy to picture a beaded curtain room divider, a lava lamp, and hot pink shag rug, along with bright, cheerful colors that can create a fun mood.

For World Travel, you may picture maps, thrift store suitcases for storage, pictures of planes, ships or cars, and shadow boxes and shelves separated by places in the world you've been or want to visit. Each area of your room could represent a different part of the world.

If your theme is a specific color or pattern (like stripes or dots), you'll probably only need to update your bed linens, curtains, and little items placed around the room in different shades of that color or that pattern which you probably already have to make it feel more like a teenage girls bedroom.

Check Out Your Space
You'll need an area to sleep, a mirror and place to get dressed, a well-lit place to do homework and read, and if possible, a cozy area to call your own. If you share a room, or if your room is very small, your bed area can be all these things if you plan well!

Run your ideas by your parents. They may have a few good ideas to add or rules to follow when redecorating teenage girlsbedrooms. They'll also hook you up with a budget if they'll be footing the bill. You'll need to talk with them if you want to change the paint color, wallpaper, or flooring, all of which could be expensive and may not be possible. Be prepared with standby ideas: if you can't repaint the walls, you may be able to pin up flags, wall art, or other wall coverings instead; if you can't change the flooring, rugs can help.

Shop Around For Idea
Catalogs, kids room makeover magazines, bedrooms in your favorite TV shows, and furniture store circulars from the Sunday paper are all great for inspiration for a teenage girls bedroom. You can also head to stores that carry home accessories. An Internet search is also a great way to get ideas as well. Enter your room theme name and then the terms teen room or room décor into a search engine, then browse around the results.

You'll want to shop through your own belongings, and through things in storage and around the house that your family isn't using. Sometimes the best new things are actually quite old! Shop your attic, garage, or storage area, and ask friends and family if they have things that may work well with your theme. Not only will you get free stuff, you'll also be able to include items from people you care about, which can make your room even more cozy and personal for you.

If you're picking a theme based on stuff you love, chances are you already have some things on hand that work well with it. Whether it's a color, a pattern (like stripes or dots), a place, or something you're really interested in, you probably have knickknacks, dolls, decorations, scarves or souvenirs that would look great displayed in your new space.

Online Shopping Smarts
Be careful when shopping online and check with whoever is footing the bill before you make any purchases. Not all websites are safe or responsible with your personal information, so only shop at sites you or your parents know and trust. Each website has different rules about age limits for shopping and entering credit card information, so it's always best to shop online with a grownup.

Transform Your Space
Once you choose your theme and pull everything together, it should just take a day or two to pull it all together and transform your new teenage girls bedroom. Do whatever you can by yourself or with friends, and ask grownups for help in hanging things like curtains, pictures, or a mirror. When everything is in place, things may look exactly like you planned or they may need a little more work, but the good thing about redecorating your space is that, unlike with schoolwork, there are no due dates! Add and change things as you go, and let your room grow with you as your interests change and as you have new experiences. Your teenage girls bedroom will be an expression of who you are, and you will have a space that you feel perfectly at home and comfortable in. You'll also have a space that shares something about you with old friends and new ones.


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